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As a professional in your field, chances are you know the importance the brain plays in the overall health and quality of life of your patients, and how crucial O3i levels can be in maintaining mental and physical fitness. But did you know that most North Americans consume well below the recommended amounts of Omega-3s?

At Brain Armor we are on a mission to improve the cognitive health, well-being, and performance of people at every stage of life. With your support, our clinically proven dietary supplements can continue to do just that. Help your patients & athletes feed their brains and bodies with our line of products that are proven to work. Order below to take advantage of practitioner pricing today.

We believe strongly in a nutrition-first approach, however, there is overwhelming evidence to support that most individuals do not consume enough nutrients that are vital to brain health through a balanced, whole-food diet alone. On that basis it’s more important and responsible now than ever before to recommend the right supplements to support nearly every typical diet.

The truth is in the testimony.

The science behind Brain Armor is our way of assuring that our products meet superior quality and performance standards. The results that our customers experience, well they speak for themselves.

“It’s exciting to see such significant changes, in such a short span of time.” – Ryan Reist, Performance Dietitian

“The health benefits are too numerous to mention.” – Aaron Burkart, Strength and Conditioning Coach, Texas State University

“I genuinely just felt better.” – Erin Reeve, Washington, DC

“Brain Armor has been leading the way with concussion research.” – Diana Nguyen, Director of Sports Nutrition, NC State University

“Since using Brain Armor, I don’t feel as mentally taxed after a tough night at work.” – Dan Orourke, NHL Referee

“I will not go a day without taking Brain Armor.” – Katie Popovici, North Carolina

A collaboration with NorthShore means that Brain Armor can set a new standard for brain health research and the development of science-based products.

NorthShore University HealthSystem (NorthShore) is a top ranked Teaching Hospital and integrated healthcare delivery system that includes 4 hospitals, a 900-physician multispecialty group practice, and NorthShore Medical Group that can be found in over 100 office locations. NorthShore also supports the NorthShore Research Institute, NorthShore Foundation, and NorthShore Home & Hospice Services. Brain Armor is proud to play a big role in a research collaboration partnership with NorthShore, to support its ongoing efforts to be the market leader in brain health supplements.

Brain Armor’s mission is to improve cognitive health, wellbeing, and performance at every stage of life and on every field of play. Their products are clinically proven dietary supplements formulated with brain nourishing vital nutrients, designed to support brain health and function. A collaboration with NorthShore means that Brain Armor can set a new standard for brain health research and the development of science-based products. Read more...

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Have your patients tested their O3i?

Evidence now suggests a direct link between Omega-3 Index (O3i) score and longevity.

Finding out if a patient or athlete is deficient in Omega-3 is the first step to helping them avoid brain-related health issues. The clinical cut points for O3i are <4%, representing a higher risk, and >8%, representing a lower risk. This index has been proven to be a better indicator of longevity than cholesterol, one of the most commonly known blood markers of wellness.

If you’re uncertain if supplementation is right for your patient, they can start with a simple finger poke in the form of an Omega-3 Index test. Put them on the right track towards building a stronger brain and leading a healthier life.

Contact us at info@brain-armor.com to find out how we can help test your patients & athletes. *

* Complimentary O3i Test Kit Program is only available to qualified Health Practitioners and subject to program terms and conditions. Please contact Brain Armor for more information.

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