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Craig Cordes


I started using Brain Armor after I received two stints in my heart. Looking at risk factors for a heart attack I fell into three major categories, family history, diet and inflammation. Since I could only control two out of three, I made some life changes with my diet and do what was needed to reduce inflammation. You can see the results in my Omega-3 index indicator from before and after taking Brain Armor.

Katie Popovici

North Carolina

As soon as I started taking Brain Armor, I noticed that I had increased energy throughout my day. I feel that I'm more focused at work and I also feel that I'm sleeping better at night. I also feel that it has helped to get rid of my vestibular migraines, which I am so thankful for!! I will not go a day without taking Brain Armor!

Jenna R. Burkert


I truly just want to express my appreciation for Brain Armor - it’s been a huge help in my recovery and the maintenance of my cognitive wellness as a world-class athlete. Your products have changed my daily routine for the better - I can’t stress that enough!


Collin Crane

Mississipi State University
Strength and Conditioning / Men's Basketball

As a strength and conditioning coach, we strive to put our athletes in the best position to be successful. We are constantly refining what goes into our athletes' training to improve athletic performance. As more research comes out on brain performance, we have committed to using Brain Armor's omega 3 supplements on a regular basis in order to optimize that system.

Dr. Daniel Hooker

Head Athletic Trainer at the University of North Carolina (Retired)

During my life in the Sports Medicine World, I had opportunity and responsibility to review information about dietary supplements that would have an impact on the lives and performance of the athletes at the University of North Carolina. I also was interested in products that might help me personally as I aged.

The information about DHA/EPA supplements and its positive effects on heart, eye, and nervous system health made me believe that this supplement was good for the athletes and I also started a daily use program myself. Many of the effects that were researched were based on blood studies and physiologic measures.

The supplement that got my attention was DHA/EPA and its effects on post work out soreness and discomfort. I believe the physiologic studies and the positive benefits on heart health but can attest to the effect on post exercise discomfort from my personal use. I have retired as the Head Athletic Trainer at the University of North Carolina but I continue to use Brain Armor as one of my healthy life supplements.

Erin Reeve

Washington, DC

I have been a vegan most of my life, which has forced me to study nutrition and health on a regular basis. However, before I started the taking Brain Armor, I was extremely deficient and completely unaware of the Omega-3 index. After taking Brain Armor daily for 3 months, I became no longer deficient! That said, I didn't really need to see the results to know the impact that Brain Armor was making; I genuinely just felt better.

I noticed both physical and mental impacts after using Brain Armor. For me personally, the greatest impact that I noticed was that my head became less foggy, my thoughts-clearer, it was easier to focus and concentrate, my mood was greatly enhanced, and I was able to handle stressful situations easier. I also found it easier to fall asleep and noticed that my forever dry hands became a little less so.

I definitely recommend Brain Armor to everyone, especially vegans like me! It's life changing.

Diana Nguyen

Director of Sports Nutrition MS, RD, LD
CSSD Board Certified Specialist in Sports Dietetics NC State University

As a Sports RD, I am constantly searching for the newest research and products to help support the health of my athletes. Brain Armor has been leading the way with concussion research and safe products to support brain health and athletic performance.

Jake Sankal

Director of Sports Nutrition / Assistant Strength & Conditioning Coach
Washington Redskins

Omega-3 fats are a major component of our nutrition program for athletic performance. They are key to supporting the heart and brain health of our athletes. I’d highly recommend omega-3 fats for any athlete, especially football players.

Lindsey Pfau MS RD CSSD

Performance Dietitian I USSOCOM Human Performance Program

Optimal cognitive function, decision-making, and protection against direct impact and sub-concussive head trauma is high priority for military personnel. Obtaining adequate Omega-3 DHA through dietary sources and certified safe supplements is one way that nutrition can positively impact warfighters performance.

West Virginia University Strength Staff

We understand the importance of Omega 3/DHA in keeping our athlete’s brains healthy and strong. We aim to do right by our athlete’s from every angle and brain health/neurocognitive ability are at the top of our list of priorities.

Dan O'Rourke

NHL Referee

I would just like to thank Brain Armor for a great product! I’m a very active person. I’m an avid crossfit athlete and a professional referee both these require strong mental focus. Your product has helped just with an overall better outlook on how I start my day and how I attack the task at hand. Since using the Brain Armor I don’t feel as mentally taxed after a tough night at work or a crazy WOD at the gym.

Donald Baker

Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialists, Washington State

I have been a Brain Armor user consistently for 2 years. My daily dose is 2 tsp/day. Recently I had a blood test performed for many parameters. One of which is HDL cholesterol. Normal range is 40-59 mg/dl. I do exercise regularly (which is known to positively affect DHL). Just the same my DHL is 106 mg/dl. Thanx to Brain armor for an awesome innovation. I love it.

Melissa Vienneau

Fitness Competitor

So far it’s been almost a month that I've been taking Brain Armor Pro Liquid Concentrate Mango Lime 2 tbsp a day, and I've noticed an increase in my memory strength. I feel as if my mind is clear and not constantly having "brain farts" lol. With athletic performances at the gym I've noticed my recovery times are shorter and I feel alert in the gym. As a fitness competitor, military member and also aging (I'm not getting any younger lol)  I've come to realize how important Omega 3’s are for my brain health. Also, I've noticed there is no after taste like some liquid Omega 3’s have (due to the levels of mercury and other environment contents) and the mango lime is such a great combination. Well done for choosing these 2 flavours, this product is well worth the money and I'm confident to invest in a product that can scientifically prove its evidence.

Pro Football Legends Brain Armor

Brain Armor is proud to be partnered with Pro Football Legends, the commercial marketing arm of the NFL Alumni. The mission of the NFL Alumni is to serve, assist, and inform retired players and coaches in their post-NFL lives. The Association offers medical, financial, and social programs to members and their families to keep them healthy, productive, and connected. As they look out for the growth and wellbeing of their members, they find companies to support their efforts that are in line with their vision.

Brain Armor is dedicated to improving cognitive health, wellbeing and performance on every field of play and at ever age with a range of clinically proven nutrition supplements and, therefore, has been chosen as the “Official Brain Health Supplement of the Pro Football Legends”. Brain Armor produces a wide range of Omega-3 dietary supplements that are NSF Certified for Sport and are packed with nutrients that are clinically proven to support cognitive, cardiovascular, and eye health. >

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