The Living Brain Project Overview

Jun 24th 2020

The Living Brain Project Overview

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  • -Omega-3 fatty acids DHA and EPA can influence several aspects of health and have been found to be directly linked to longevity, yet, most Americans are not getting adequate amounts from their diet alone.
  • -DHA and EPA can be found in marine algae, which represent a vegan and sustainable source, so The Living Brain Project set out to determine the effectiveness of algal derived Omega-3s on Omega-3 status indicators such as O3i, Omega-6: Omega-3 ratio, and AA: EPA ratio.
  • -After 90 days of supplementation, the average for all health measures improved indicating decreases in inflammation and decreased risk for disease and death associated with Omega-3 status.


Omega-3 fatty acids DHA and EPA have been studied for decades. Yet many people don't know how they affect our health or if they’re getting enough in their diet.

The best way to determine this is to measure your Omega-3 Index (O3i). This simple at-home test tells you the amount of DHA and EPA in your blood cell membranes. O3i has been directly linked to longevity and is a better predictor of survival than cholesterol levels, one of the most commonly used symbols of health. Additionally, this number is tied to improved brain volume and function and slower biological aging. Research suggests that an optimal O3i is >8%, while an index <4% is regarded as a risk factor.

Along with O3i, the Omega6: Omega3 ratio and AA: EPA ratio are reliable measures of health for all ages. The high Omega-6: Omega-3 ratio of a typical Western diet is about 15:1 and has been found to increase inflammation and disease. In contrast, a low ratio of 4:1 is associated with lower inflammation and a 70% decrease in total mortality. Similarly, AA: EPA ratio is a marker of chronic inflammation, and higher AA: EPA ratios are associated with increased risk of coronary artery disease, heart attacks, stroke, and heart failure.

Fortunately, the way to improve all of these health indicators is simple, eat more Omega-3s. Unfortunately, a typical Western diet is low in Omega-3s, so most U.S. adults are not meeting their recommended needs. In recent years marine microalgae have emerged as a more sustainable and cleaner source of DHA and EPA. Although algal oil appears to be a superior Omega-3 source for vegans and fish eaters alike, the evidence was lacking to determine the efficacy of algal derived Omega-3 supplements in human subjects. Thus, The Living Brain Project set out to monitor the effects of daily dosing with an algal derived formula on individual O3i levels, Omega6: Omega3 ratios, and AA: EPA ratios.


The original study included 56 volunteers aged 3 to 66 years old who were recruited from the general community. The participants ranged from professional athletes to elementary school attendees. They exhibited different health histories, food intake, and physical activity practices regularly. Each participant took an initial Omega Quant O3i test to establish baseline levels. They were then instructed to take a daily dose of Brain Armor's Omega-3+ supplement compatible for their age and to remain consistent with all other aspects of their daily routine. Ninety days later, a second Omega Quant O3i test was taken to determine any changes in O3i, Omega-6: Omega-3 ratio, and AA: EPA ratio.


Supplementation with Brain Armor's Omega-3+ formula for 90 days increased the group's O3i average from a baseline of 5.59% to 8.8%, decreased the average baseline Omega6: Omega3 ratio from 7.35:1 to 4.5:1, and dropped the average AA: EPA from 21.8:1 to 7.76:1 indicating decreases in inflammation and decreased risk for disease and death associated with Omega-3 status.


The results of this study indicate that supplementing daily with Brain Armor's Omega-3+ algal derived supplement can improve O3i, Omega6: Omega3 ratio, and AA: EPA ratios in many populations in as few as 90 days.

Would you like to be part of the study? Click the link below.

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