Brain Health Tips


    10 Brain Boosting Hacks in 90 Seconds!

    Below are 10, easy-to-implement, brain-boosting hacks that 4 time USA memory champion (Nelson Dellis) tries to include in his daily memory training, studying, and reading sessions. Wake up early - Reduces distractions as well as boosts productivity. Be a bit hungry - Produces hormones that promote memory. Exercise - Increase the size of your hippocampus. Chew gum - Can improve mental performance by 25%. Learn something new - Changes the chemistry in your brain and trains you to learn faster. Set a timer and focus - Focusing for short times bursts allows for deeper work. Add an element of risk - Increasing risk amplifies focus and enhances performance. Eat brain foods -...

    First Impressions to Remember

    Making a first impression is something you never get a second shot at. Wouldn't it be nice to have certain things under control and 100% unwavering whenever you meet someone important? There are simple things you can start with: working on that firm handshake, learning how to maintain strong and direct eye contact, and mindfulness techniques to minimize stress. But one of the most important skills you can also easily work on is: remembering names. Nothing is as powerful as remembering someone's name. When someone's name is used, a few things happen. For one, the person you're speaking to becomes attentive. You instantly grab their attention by using their name. Secondly, it ra...
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