Health Matters with Bryce Wylde On Brain Health

Mar 4th 2020

Health Matters with Bryce Wylde On Brain Health

There’s no question that brain health has become top of mind to many people. Why? More research and findings are beginning to correlate the connection between a good quality of life and overall brain health. What’s interesting is the close connection to diet and how important it is to obtain adequate amounts of omega-3 fatty acids for overall brain functionality and cognitive health.

Guest speaker, Bryce Wylde, a leading innovator in functional medicine in Canada, had the opportunity to speak on the Health Matters radio show about the importance of omega-3 fatty acids. Listen below as Bryce goes into detail about the different kinds of omega-3 fatty acids, their role within the body, and how important they are in the production of healthy brain cells and connections.

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