The recovery supplement your team needs to maintain performance through your Basketball Season

May 11th 2018

The recovery supplement your team needs to maintain performance through your Basketball Season

Basketball is an intermittent, high-intensity sport requiring physical agility, mental acuity, and quick recovery. Injury risk has been observed to increase in athletes when recovery time is reduced, and fatigue accumulates. With up to 82 games crammed into 7 months, travel time, and environmental changes per location; appropriate nutrition is a necessity to maintain health, facilitate recovery, and maintain high levels of performance in basketball athletes. Brain Armor offers an advanced and convenient nutritional formula that will help athletes stay in the game and performing at high levels all season long.

It has been well documented that Omega-3 fatty acid supplements can support recovery and delayed onset muscle soreness after strenuous exercise. Furthermore, Omega-3 fatty acid supplements have been demonstrated to improve peripheral neuromuscular function and aspects of fatigue, as well as improve complex reaction time in sport. These benefits will support athletes on the court and in their every day lives.

Brain Armor products are clinically proven dietary supplements formulated with Omega-3s, medium chain triglycerides, and Vitamin D & E to support overall brain health and performance. Brain Armor goes straight to the source of Omega-3 fatty acids and offers a unique vegan form of these powerhouse nutrients that is sourced from marine algae grown in the USA. These Omega-3s are provided at a 2:1 ratio and are combined with these other neuroprotective nutrients to increase absorption, optimize cognitive function and protect the brain cells from oxidative damage. Brain Armor Pro supplements are developed for athletes, contain no artificial sweeteners, and will be officially released once final ‘safe for sports’ certification is granted (excepted in mid/late May 2018).

The importance of repeated high-level performance and injury avoidance requires strategic and practically feasible methods. Like the National Basketball Athletic Trainers Association, Brain Armor’s mission is to insure athletes receive the best possible care to prevent injury, enhance performance, and promote brain health. All athletic trainers should stop by Brain Armor at the 2018 NBATA Sports Medicine Trade Show in Chicago, IL on May 19th to see how we can customize Brain Armor support for you and your team.

To learn how we can customize a Pro Direct Brain Armor program for your athletes & organization please contact me directly at:

Jay Prentice
Elite Partner Program Manager
Brain Armor Inc.
+1 (416) 716-1122

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