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    Omega-3s take Athletes Further

    Peak athletic performance takes more than extra time on the field. It requires a perfect combination of hard work, quality coaching, adequate sleep, specialized exercise and optimal nutrition to truly perform at your best. Omega-3 fatty acids are one tool that will enhance your game and your health. The athletic benefits that these fatty acids provide are numerous and should not be overlooked. Omega-3s are essential fatty acids which our bodies can’t produce them on their own and must be obtained from our diet. DHA and EPA, two of the most valuable forms of Omega-3s are found mostly in fatty fish and marine algae. A recent study observed inadequate Omega-3 levels in 99% of 400 NCAA athl... Read More

    Brain Armor Pro Athlete product line gains Official NSF International Certified For Sport® accreditation.

    Walking down a supplement aisle in any store can be overwhelming. The fast pace at which dietary supplements enter the marketplace can make it difficult to determine which manufacturers’ products are credible. Brain Armor, a line of science-based nutritional supplements, has launched a new range of Omega-3+ Pro Athlete products that are NSF Certified for Sport®. This innovative new product line will support athletes with cognitive performance and protection, and NSF for Sport Certification ensures that athletes, coaches and consumers are confident in their supplement decision.Brain Armor acts as an all-inclusive brain health supplement for athletes by providing clinically proven nutrients to... Read More

    Brain Armor brings Brain Health to the ice

    Brain Armor is thrilled to be at this year’s PHATS/SPHEM Annual Meeting to support each member in their mission of promoting advanced techniques of prevention, treatment, and rehabilitation of sports injuries in athletes. Nutrition has emerged as a major influencer of athletic and cognitive performance, recovery, and injury prevention. Brain Armor delivers clinically proven nutritional supplements formulated with Omega-3 fatty acids and other vital nutrients to optimize brain health and performance for athletes on and off the ice. Hockey players are subject to high intensity intermittent anaerobic exertion, rapid changes in velocity, and frequent body contact. It is imperative that thes... Read More

    Fortify your athletes with Brain Armor at the 2018 CPSDA Annual National Conference

    There is no question that advanced nutrition programs improve the performance, health and well-being of all collegiate, professional, tactical and even recreational athletes. With the support of Sports Dietitians, even the most elite athletes can grow stronger, run farther, and jump higher. For some athletes that means winning a season, and for others, that means completing a mission and returning home safe. The role that nutrition plays in the performance and safety of athletes is undisputed. Along with robust physical health, there is increasing emphasis on optimizing cognitive health in athletes. Brain Armor products provide all the nutrients necessary to support brain health in one usefu... Read More

    The recovery supplement your team needs to maintain performance through your Basketball Season

    Basketball is an intermittent, high-intensity sport requiring physical agility, mental acuity, and quick recovery. Injury risk has been observed to increase in athletes when recovery time is reduced, and fatigue accumulates. With up to 82 games crammed into 7 months, travel time, and environmental changes per location; appropriate nutrition is a necessity to maintain health, facilitate recovery, and maintain high levels of performance in basketball athletes. Brain Armor offers an advanced and convenient nutritional formula that will help athletes stay in the game and performing at high levels all season long. It has been well documented that Omega-3 fatty acid supplements can support rec... Read More

    Brain Armor Debuting New Pro Athlete Product Range at the 2018 CSCCA Annual National Conference

    A significant trend in competitive athletics has been the integration of performance nutrition and organized strength and conditioning programs in collegiate and professional teams across the country. As most health professionals would agree, proper training and proper nutrition go hand in hand. In order to optimize the desired training adaptations when you work hard, you have to fuel hard. Brain Armor offers a progressive level of nutritional support that facilitates athletes performing their best, reaching their desired goals, and sidestepping injury along the way.* Brain Armor products are clinically proven dietary supplements formulated with Omega-3s and other vital nutrients to sup... Read More

    Why Athletes need Omega-3s

    This article was originally published at For the original text and related information please visit While many of us think of omega-3 fatty acids as being good for heart health, new research shows omega-3s also provide benefits for athletes. What are fatty acids? Fatty acids, which are long chains of carbon, are classified as saturated, monounsaturated and polyunsaturated. Polyunsaturated fats contain omega-3s and omega-6s. Although there is wide variability between people, most Americans consume 10 times more omega-6s than omega-3s. Most experts agree a healthier ratio would be closer to 2:1. Reduce omega-6s, incr... Read More

    Athletes and Their Need for DHA

    Athletes are aware that taking nutritional supplements can positively impact their training and performance. Benefits include enhanced strength, power, speed, and endurance as well as body weight body composition maintenance. Many athletes, however, do not know that there is one essential nutrient they may not be getting enough of; omega-3 fatty acids. Our bodies are unable to produce omega-3 fatty acids on our own; they must be obtained through dietary sources or supplements. DHA is an essential omega-3 fatty acid that is commonly found in fish and fish oil supplements and is found in nearly every cell in the human body. DHA supports brain, eye, and heart health throughout a person’s l... Read More

    10 Reasons Every Lifter, Runner and Athlete Needs Omega-3s

    Experts share how the fatty acids can take your game to the next level. If you’ve ever considered popping a pill of omega 3s, it’s probably been for your heart. After all, the American Heart Association says that the good-for-you fatty acids can reduce triglyceride levels, keep your arteries clear, and ward off irregular heartbeats. And while no athlete is hitting a new PR without a healthy heart, the in-the-gym, on-the-field benefits of omega 3s go so much further. Omega 3s can speed your workout recovery, boost your gains, and help you hit new athletic goals. Continue reading the full article here. This article was originally published at For... Read More

    Recapping "Boosting the Athletic Brain" by Simpli Faster

    Brain Armor has been fortunate to work with thousands of athletes around in the country in the NHL, NBA, MLB, NFL, and many Division I athletes in the NCAA. We have long been preaching the importance of DHA Omega-3 as a daily dosage and how it supports brain, eye, and heart health. Performance Nutritionist and author, Katie Mark, just wrote an incredible article on She really did a great job going into detail, explaining why DHA is so vital to the performance of an athlete and why it needs to be included as part of their diet. We encourage you to read the article in its entirety but wanted to point out a few points in particular. 1. DHA deficiency in a... Read More

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