Recapping "Boosting the Athletic Brain" by Simpli Faster

Apr 20th 2018

Recapping "Boosting the Athletic Brain" by Simpli Faster

Brain Armor has been fortunate to work with thousands of athletes around in the country in the NHL, NBA, MLB, NFL, and many Division I athletes in the NCAA. We have long been preaching the importance of DHA Omega-3 as a daily dosage and how it supports brain, eye, and heart health.

Performance Nutritionist and author, Katie Mark, just wrote an incredible article on She really did a great job going into detail, explaining why DHA is so vital to the performance of an athlete and why it needs to be included as part of their diet.

We encourage you to read the article in its entirety but wanted to point out a few points in particular.

1. DHA deficiency in athletes shows that sports nutrition needs to be about more than calorie intake.

An ideal omega-3 profile should show EPA and DHA blood cell level of at least 8% and yet a particular study according to the article found that, among athletes from an NCAA Division I school, 15% had an HS-Omega-3 Index below 4% (considered detrimental) and 84.5% had 4-8%. No student was at 8% or above.

Alarming how many athletes are ignoring such an important component of their diet which negatively affecting their performance and neglecting fuel largely responsible for things like brain health, reaction time, and cardiovascular health.

If you wish to know your or your athletes’ Omega-3 profile, Brain Armor has partnered with Omega Quant so you can order a kit today.

2. DHA supplementation improves athlete performance and long-term health.

We already know sports are often a game of inches. As Katie put it, “Time is of the essence in most sports: How quickly an athlete can assess a situation, make a decision, and carry out a behavior.” That’s often times the difference between winning and losing, a touchdown or a game-saving tackle, or a home run or a just another pop fly. Katie asks the question, what if the difference between these could be solved through proper nutrition?

In a time, where sports are big business and athletes are training year round to get a half-step faster or whatever advantage they can muster up. What if that half-step is taking a daily dose of DHA Omega-3 because you are able to identify a defense faster or react to fastball a split second quicker?


DHA is not created in our bodies naturally, instead we must replenish with what we consume or eat. Take your diet to the next level with Brain Armor.

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