Pro Football Legends Return to Play with their Omega-3 Index Score

Jul 22nd 2018

Pro Football Legends Return to Play with their Omega-3 Index Score

Brain Armor, the official brain supplement of the Pro Football Legends (the commercial marketing arm of the NFL Alumni) conducted a study which demonstrated just how easy it can be to raise your Omega-3 Index (O3i) scores and improve personal health outcomes.

Fourteen former professional football athletes participated in a trial to examine how much their O3i would improve by supplementing with Brain Armor. The trial period lasted from one month to three months and Omega-3 Index measurements were taken before and after the supplementation period with the Omega Quant Testing Kit to create a baseline O3i and post supplementation O3i score.

All of the participants presented below the recommended O3i of >8% at baseline prior to supplementation. This is not surprising as previous research has shown that 95.7% of Americans are falling short of their Omega-3 fatty acid intake. Another recent study out of TCU revealed more specifically that student athletes are not regularly consuming enough Omega-3s to support a desirable O3i. Fortunately, improving O3i levels can be accomplished by increasing your consumption of foods rich in Omega-3s, or by using an Omega-3 supplement.

As seen in this study, all of the former professional athletes who participated, regardless of their baseline O3i scores and the amount of time that they participated, experienced increases in O3i and improved ratios of Omega6:Omega3. Anthony Furjanic, a former player who played linebacker for three Pro seasons said he was “shocked by how simple it was to make such significant improvement in my health”. During the trial Anthony saw significant changes in his O3i improving from a moderate 6.6% to a desirable 10.1% index score. The average improvement in O3i was +27.82% with an average improvement of Omega6:Omega3 ratio of +18.8% throughout the study.

Higher O3i scores are correlated with improved brain structure and function at every stage of life. Research also suggests that a higher O3i score may result in the enhancement of brain remodeling after head injury and reduction in risk of cardiovascular disease.   O3i scores have also been found to be associated with total mortality rates in all populations.* For example the  average  Omega3  Index  (O3i)  in  the  United  States  is  estimated  to  be  between  4 - 5  %,  significantly  below  desirable  O3i  level  of  +8%. In contrast,  Japan, shows a lower incidence of cognitive health issues and longer life expectancy, the average citizen has an Omega-3 Index is 9- 10% range.

Jeff Olson, former professional American football player who experienced head injuries during his career as an offensive lineman said, “I wish I knew there was such a simple way to better protect my brain while I was playing football. Everyone should be aware of this information and know there are steps you can take to better protect yourself”. Jeff also exhibited significant positive changes to both his O3i and Omega6:Omega3 ratio over the trial period.

Omega6:Omega3 ratios are important to be aware of as the typical American diet can create a significant imbalance in these fats. A higher ratio can create a pro inflammatory state, which promotes many chronic disease conditions. Therefore, the overall reduction of this ratio seen in this study suggests reduced risk of inflammatory conditions with when supplementing with Omega-3s.

This study demonstrates how easy it can be in improving your O3i and overall health with regular intake of quality Omega-3 sources. Brain Armor provides clinically proven dietary supplements formulated with vegan sourced Omega-3s and are naturally flavored with no artificial sweeteners or ingredients.

Brain Armor Super Omega-3+ products will support your brain health at every age and on all fields of play. Take control of your O3i today.

Stacy Cappadona MS, RD, CSCS received her BS in Exercise Science and MS in Exercise Physiology and Sports Nutrition from Florida State University. She has worked with athletes of all ages, active duty military personnel, and is now serving the communities in Southern Oregon at an all inclusive Wellness Club.

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