Omega-3s Support Growing Brains

Jul 22nd 2018

Omega-3s Support Growing Brains

It can be challenging for growing children and adolescents to meet their nutritional needs. Either they are growing so rapidly that no amount of food can satisfy them, or they are so picky that their diet consists strictly of chicken tenders and mac & cheese (can’t say I never tried that one). Because of these extremes in eating patterns, nutrient deficiencies can occur in many school aged children. The real, and sometimes scary, truth is that improper nutrition during the first stages of life have profound effects on growth, and on the structural and functional development of the brain.

The brain grows and develops at its greatest rate at the beginning of life. The link between Omega-3 fatty acids and cognitive development benefits in youth have been firmly studied and established. DHA, one type of Omega-3 fatty acid, in particular is necessary for normal brain function as it is a principal structural component of areas of the brain that are responsible for executive, higher-order cerebral activities.

One of the largest studies conducted that investigated Omega-3 supplementation in children demonstrated that Omega-3 supplements may offer a safe and efficacious treatment option to improve reading and spelling abilities in children aged 5-12 years old. Other studies have supported these findings by demonstrating significant improvements in verbal testing and reading in school aged children after supplementation.

Omega-3 support to growing minds is not limited to the classroom. Early Omega-3 exposure may reduce incidence of children’s allergies, which seems to be more prevalent now than ever before. Several studies have shown evidence that Omega-3 intake can reduce ADHD symptoms as well as symptoms of depression in children by improving blood flow to the brain. Growing brains may also benefit from Omega-3s on the field or court as research suggests Omega-3s can support enhancement of brain remodeling after head injury, which has more recently become a topic of concern in sports worldwide.

DHA intake is found at high levels in a limited number of foods and typical intake by children is inadequate. For kids who don’t eat fish regularly, Omega-3 supplementation can ensure they are obtaining the nutrients they need for healthy brains. Brain Armor offers an Omega-3+ supplement designed to specifically meet the needs of youth students and athletes.

All Brain Armor supplements are derived from marine algae farmed right here in the United States and are tested for purity and quality standards. These algal derived supplements are vegan, non-GMO, soy free, and naturally flavored so there is no fishy taste for those picky eaters. The “+” in Omega-3+ stands for the extended effort by Brain Armor to optimize young brains with vital nutrients such as Vitamin D & E, and Medium Chain Triglyceride oil.

Brain support should start early. Optimize your brain health with this all-encompassing brain supplement perfect for the young growing brain.

Stacy Cappadona MS, RD, CSCS received her BS in Exercise Science and MS in Exercise Physiology and Sports Nutrition from Florida State University. She has worked with athletes of all ages, active duty military personnel, and is now serving the communities in Southern Oregon at an all inclusive Wellness Club.

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