Brain Armor Pro Athlete product line gains Official NSF International Certified For Sport® accreditation.

Aug 13th 2018

Brain Armor Pro Athlete product line gains Official NSF International Certified For Sport® accreditation.

Walking down a supplement aisle in any store can be overwhelming. The fast pace at which dietary supplements enter the marketplace can make it difficult to determine which manufacturers’ products are credible. Brain Armor, a line of science-based nutritional supplements, has launched a new range of Omega-3+ Pro Athlete products that are NSF Certified for Sport®. This innovative new product line will support athletes with cognitive performance and protection, and NSF for Sport Certification ensures that athletes, coaches and consumers are confident in their supplement decision.

Brain Armor acts as an all-inclusive brain health supplement for athletes by providing clinically proven nutrients to support brain health and protection in one convenient formula. Omega-3 fatty acids are the chief nutrient provided to support healthy brain function, cognitive performance, and improve complex reaction time in sport. Brain Armor goes further by adding medium chain triglyceride oil to improve the absorption of the Omega-3 fatty acids, Vitamin D to optimize cognitive function and performance over time, and Vitamin E to help protect brain cells from oxidative damage.*

The quality of Brain Armor’s new range of Pro NSF for Sport Certified products is affirmed and sustained by NSF which is the gold standard for professional sports organizations including the NFL, PGA, MLB, and NHL. There are numerous quality components of the NSF Certified for Sport certification that makes it unrivaled in the industry and asked for by athletes and professional sports organizations. The NSF Certified for Sport mark on products confirm that the supplements do not contain any of approximately 270+ substances banned by major athletic organizations; the contents of the supplements are in line with what is printed on the label; there are no unsafe levels of contaminants in the product; and the product is manufactured in a facility that is registered and audited for quality and safety.

Brain Armor has created a comprehensive brain health supplement for athletes and with the NSF Certified for Sport mark, you can be confident that its contents are tested and true. New Brain Armor NSF Certified Pro products can be found in a naturally flavored Mango Lime Liquid Concentrate or a Vegan Softgel Capsule. Brain Armor is proud to be the Brain Supplement of choice for many Professional Teams, Collegiate Programs, Military Personnel, Pop Warner Little Scholars, and Pro Football Legends, the commercial marketing arm of the NFL Alumni.

Promoting optimal brain health should start now. Feel confident about your supplement choice with Brain Armor. Please view the NSF International Certified for Sport® website for official details of these accreditations:

Brain Armor Pro Liquid Products

Brain Armor Pro Softgel Products

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