Brain Armor Now Offering Omega-3 and Trans Fat Index Profiling

Apr 20th 2018

Brain Armor Now Offering Omega-3 and Trans Fat Index Profiling

Brain Armor is pleased to announce that via our partner Omega Quant, a leading Fatty Analysis Laboratory, we are offering our partners Omega-3 and Trans Fat Index Profiling.

Docosahexaenoic acid, DHA, is an omega-3 fatty acid that is found throughout the body. More specifically, it is a major structural fat in the brain and eyes and a key component of the heart. A growing body of research continues to support the role that DHA plays in maintaining good health throughout every stage of life.

It is unfortunate but most Americans have low levels of Omega-3s in their blood. However, blood levels of omega-3s can be improved by simple dietary changes. It is important to have your Omega-3 Index tested since it is the only way to accurately get your Omega-3 profile so that you can make the necessary dietary changes.

The same can be said about Trans Fats. High levels of trans fats are related to heart disease. The Trans Fat Index test can help people know how much of these dangerous fats they are eating and make changes in what they eat to be at the top of their game.

These tests are now available for sale on our website, By providing these simple tests of nutritional status and high quality DHA Omega-3 products, Brain Armor is committed to improving cognitive health and performance on every field of play.

As always if you have any further questions about the Omega-3 Index test or Brain Armor products, please contact us directly at

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