Brain Armor Debuting New Pro Athlete Product Range at the 2018 CSCCA Annual National Conference

May 4th 2018

Brain Armor Debuting New Pro Athlete Product Range at the 2018 CSCCA Annual National Conference

A significant trend in competitive athletics has been the integration of performance nutrition and organized strength and conditioning programs in collegiate and professional teams across the country. As most health professionals would agree, proper training and proper nutrition go hand in hand. In order to optimize the desired training adaptations when you work hard, you have to fuel hard. Brain Armor offers a progressive level of nutritional support that facilitates athletes performing their best, reaching their desired goals, and sidestepping injury along the way.*

Brain Armor products are clinically proven dietary supplements formulated with Omega-3s and other vital nutrients to support structural brain health and performance. Brain Armor Pro Liquid Concentrate and Vegan Softgels deliver DHA & EPA Omega-3s at a 2:1 ratio, combined with medium chain triglyceride (MCT) oil and Vitamin D & E to support structural brain health and performance in  convenient dosage forms.* Brain Armor Pro supplements are developed for athletes, contain no artificial sweeteners are 100% vegan sourced from marine algae grown in the USA. These products will be available when NSF Certified for Sport analysis and approval is granted (May 2018).

Athletes of all ages could improve from the wide array of benefits of this cognitive blend. Omega-3s are demonstrated to have anabolic properties, reduce delayed-onset soreness caused by strenuous strength exercise, improve peripheral neuromuscular function and aspects of fatigue, and improve complex reaction time in sport. Moreover, the unique blend of DHA & EPA, along with MCT oil to improve absorption, and Vitamin D & E which are imperative for optimal cognitive function and protection from oxidative damage, creates an all in one Brain Health supplement.*

In a recent Study of over 400 Collegiate Athletes it was found that 99%> were deficient in Omega-3s. A recent pilot program involving University of Wyoming student athletes reinforced the link between increased Omega-3 consumption and cognitive health.* As a result, Brain Armor is proud to be partnered with the University of Wyoming. Brain Armor is also the Brain Supplement of choice for Pop Warner Little Scholars and Pro Football Legends, the commercial marketing arm of the NFL Alumni.

All coaches looking for next level performance for their athletes should stop by Booth #401 to evaluate Brain Armor Pro Athlete products. See you at the Collegiate Strength and Conditioning Coaches Association Annual National Conference in Fort Worth, Texas.

To learn how we can customize a Pro Direct Brain Armor program for your athletes & organization please contact me directly at:

Jay Prentice
Elite Partner Program Manager
Brain Armor Inc.
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