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Team Brain Armor Spotlight: Pat Krall, Oakland A's

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In this week's Team Brain Armor Spotlight, we had the chance to talk to Pat Krall of the Oakland A's organization. He was drafted in the 28th round by the Oakland Athletics in the 2017 MLB Draft. Before that Pat starred at Clemson where he was Gregg Olson Award semifinalist, National Pitcher of the Year Watch list member, first-team All-American by Perfect Game, second-team All-American by NCBWA, and third- team All-American by Baseball America and Collegiate Baseball. Pat was the 2016 ACC Scholar Athlete of the Year as well as 2nd Team All-ACC selection. Pat was the first pitcher in Clemson history to lead the team outright in wins and saves in a single season.

Brain Armor: What has been your biggest takeaway from your time in pro ball thus far? How is it different from playing in college?

Pat Krall: Pro ball is different than college ball in a few ways. First, your career is truly all in your own hands; they can give you what you need to do for the day and ways to improve, but it is up to only you to do it and get better. It's your job now and you can get fired if you do not perform whereas college all you can really get is benched.

BA: When did you feel like you were good enough to play baseball professionally?

PK: I felt personally good enough junior year of college, however I knew I needed an extra year of college to further develop as a player to give myself a better shot at the professional level. 

BA: What are the one or two things most responsible for getting you to where you are today?

PK: One of the things that got me to where I am today was my own personal development mentally. To get to the professional level and succeed in life in general, it takes more than just sheer talent. You need to outwork everyone you run into and really push yourself to get better everyday, not just whenever you feel like it. Also, on top of that, the people in my life (coaches, players, family, etc.) that wouldn't let me settle for anything less than my best really help drive me forward even when no one is there to watch me. 

BA: Now that we are in the offseason, what does a normal day look like as you prepare for Spring Training?

PK: Workouts last usually 1-2 hours a day 6 days a week. On top of that, I help other high school and college players train at the local gym after my own lifting. Offseasons are a good time to get on track with a good diet; you have much more time to eat right and prepare healthier meals at home and for on the go. Also, most importantly, getting a good night's sleep!


BA: How has your diet changed since you’ve been drafted?

PK: I try to eat healthier and in larger quantities to keep weight on in season and to gain mass during offseason. It is harder to pay for more expensive meals and restaurants, so I try to find the best bang for my buck while keeping it as healthy as I can; as in staying away from fast food places but not eating out at Ruth's Chris.

BA: How have you incorporated Brain Armor into your daily routine and diet?

PK: I made Brain Armor a part of my regiment daily. Every morning I use Brain Armor supplements with my breakfast so I have my DHA and Omega intake already going for the day. Since taking Brain Armor, I feel very motivated to absorb more information because I feel more energized and my body just feels better/healthier with all the exercise and diet to go along with the supplements. I would say Brain Armor is just as important to me as all the protein and creatine used during workouts. 

Thanks again to Pat for taking the time. Oakland fans keep an eye out for Pat this summer!