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Team Brain Armor Spotlight: Isaiah Williams, Washington Redskins

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With NFL training camps starting this week, Brain Armor was grateful for the opportunity to chat with offensive lineman for the Washington Redskins and Team Brain Armor member, Isaiah Williams. Williams, a 6-foot-3, 295 pound tackle from Akron, joined the Redskins near the beginning of training camp in 2016 and stayed on the practice squad for the remainder of the season. This year he is expected to compete for a backup position on their offensive line.

Brain Armor: Isaiah, thanks for taking sometime today. When did you feel like you had a chance to make it to the NFL?

Isaiah Williams: Honestly my last year in college. My college coaches were telling me, 'you're playing pretty well and some scouts are looking at you. Don't get a big head about it because you never know and you have to keep working.' Then after my pro day teams started calling me before the draft so that's when I knew I might have a chance.

BA: What has been your biggest takeaway from your first year in the league?

IW: I would say just being healthy and really just getting the experience of learning how to become a pro. Having the opportunity to be behind some great guys like Trent WilliamsMorgan MosesBrandon Scherff, guys that have been in the league for a couple of years. I'm just thankful for the opportunity to be in the league and get that year under my belt, learn how to be a pro, learn how to go about things. It's 100% different from college. Learning the ins and outs of the NFL, how things work, how to work out, and take care of your body.

BA: You say you are learning how to work out, what did a normal day look like this offseason?

IW: We start about 9am. First we would head to the track and run before lifting [weights]. After that I will do some offensive line drills for about 30-45 minutes. So we go from 9am to about 12:30 - 1 o'clock.

BA: How has your diet changed since your college days?

IW: Actually, I've made a lifestyle change. I wouldn't even call it a diet change, it's a lifestyle change. I've gone like 75% vegan and the rest pescatarian. So I only eat fish now.

BA: Oh, nice so Brain Armor fits very nicely with your new lifestyle. Have you noticed a difference in the short time so far?

IW: Well I'm still pretty new to the change so ask me in another month I might be looking for some chicken... But yeah, actually I really notice how much more energy I have. I'm not as fatigued as I usually would get. I just feel a lot more active, limber. I can move a lot quicker. Overall, I just feel good. My recovery, I can recover so much faster, you know being in the NFL it's all about how fast you can recover. After training or camp, I can get back a lot faster.

BA: How did you first hear about Brain Armor and how do you incorporate it into your daily routine and diet?

IW: My college strength coach, Matt Gildersleeve, introduced me to Brain Armor my senior year so I started taking it every day since then. I haven't had a chance to try the Liquid Concentrate yet since I've been down here in Texas training [with fellow OL and mentor Trent Williams]. But, I've been using the soft gels and it's helped me focus and concentrate better. I feel like I'm locked in and clear minded. And actually I just finished a drill where I have to react to lights and shuffle over and I feel like my reaction speed has improved.

BA: If you could name one or two things most responsible for your success and getting to the NFL, what would they be?

IW: I would say my consistency and my discipline. That's the only way you are going to stay in this league, if you are consistent. Consistent with training, diet, and mechanics. And discipline because it's hard to do this everyday, to squat every day, to run every day, and to eat right every day. That's tough for the average person who doesn't have to think about what they are putting in their body or getting a chiropractor or a massage for the soft tissues. Those kinds of things the average fan doesn't think about. 

BA: Finally, you are on the offensive line where collisions occur on every play, how much do you think about health and safety?

IW: Honestly, when you are into it-- practice, training, and games-- you don't really think about it. But, beforehand you just hope with the right equipment and being prepared enough with diet and training and a prayer to God you don't get hit the wrong way that day. 

Thanks to Isaiah again for taking some time out of his busy schedule to speak with us. Keep an eye out for #63 as he is set to have a big camp for the Washington Redskins.