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Brain Armor Officially Launches Brain Armor Liquid Concentrate

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Even before studies like Jonathan Oliver’s study at TCU, Brain Armor has been committed to designing products that support cognitive health and performance on every field of play.* As a result, Brain Armor has been the preferred DHA Omega-3 supplement for teams in the NHL, NBA, MLB, and NCAA programs including its' partnership with the University of Wyoming.


More recently, Brain Armor has started offering Omega-3 Index Profiling for their partners so nutritionists and dietitians can make accurate decisions on the dietary needs of their athletes.

However with more and more research on the benefits of DHA Omega-3, Brain Armor has upped the ante with the Brain Armor Liquid Concentrate. With the highest dosage of DHA Omega-3 on the market, athletes can have 1,871 mg of DHA in just one 5ml teaspoon serving.

Like all Brain Armor products, the Liquid Concentrate is NSF Certified for Sports, 100% Fish Free, and made in the USA at a FDA inspected facility.

The official release is coming off a tour of prestigious trade shows that include the CSCCa, NBATA, CPSDA, PHATS, and NSCA conferences.

The excitement for the Liquid Concentrate has been more than even we expected. It seems as though athletes are anxious to have an Omega-3 that they can mix in with their protein shakes or smoothie instead of the traditional soft gel formats we have all become accustomed to taking.

Athletes understand the importance proper nutrition can make in their training and performance. DHA Omega-3 supplementation can help optimize cognitive and cardiovascular performance.* Emerging research has begun to highlight how athletes can benefit from including DHA in their diets and has been specifically identified to provide:

  • Brain health benefits
  • Improved cardiovascular efficiency
  • Increased blood flow to the muscles
  • Increased oxygen delivery to the muscles
  • Optimized cardiovascular performance
  • Lowers resting heart rate
  • Balances the inflammatory response

  • For more information Brain Armor Liquid Concentrate and details on how to order, please contact us directly at (888) 600-4317 or email us at

    *This statement has not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.